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You make and take your opportunities


Outward Bound Australia


That Stuart

SaaS Platform for Credit Risk Funds to assess and generate expected value models for online sales inventory

USA / Canada


White labelling the platform ready for use by third party fund managers looking to help online sellers while generating returns against asset backed financing

Connected Treasury teams into's USDC

USA / Canada


Banking-compliant front end that allows treasury teams to operate USD to USDC flows through while maintaining their own records.

Teamed with Deloitte to bring NFT based Finance to their Manufacturing clients



Ongoing Tax, Legal, Compliance, and business structure reviews looking at unlocking the billions of dollars of value in the world's supply chains so manufacturers can make while finance companies finance.

Formalized IP

Seoul South Korea &
Washington DC, USA

Took time during Covid to formalize some of the learnings from tracking projects.

Hdac Technical Advisor
South Korea

Made some useful observations on their white paper and helped this Hyundai backed blockchain for IoT micropayments startup raise 286 Million USD

FDA Medical Device Verification

Washington DC, USA
Sept 2016

Plugged an Android and Iphone App into the FDA's APIs to allow Medical Device manufacturers to comply with new tracking verification. Now used in 32 countries, by hundreds of firms on tens of thousands of product lines

Further Future
Nevada - USA

Ran Front of House

Hung out with Eric for the day

Talked Pirate Ships

Stu, Gary, Eric.jpeg
Further Future
Moabe Desert, USA

Helped get FF 001 off the drawing board and into the desert.

Advisor to the Chairman

Brand Activation

Delivery Principles

Ran Front of House

FF Pods.jpeg
Installed the UK's first Greenpeace Approved, dioxin free low-grade medical waste processing plant with Grundon
London UK

Started a company that managed the complex regulatory and sales process for multiple hydroclave medical waste treatment plants. The plants still process the majority of London's low grade medical waste in a low cost, low energy and dioxin free process.

Grundon Hydroclave.jpeg
First International Electronic Order onto the NYSE
Stamford CT, USA

Utilising the FInancial Information Exchange Protocol sent the first electronic order from an overseas (UK) client for execution on the New York Stock Exchange.

UBS Stamford.jpeg
Summer Intern

London, UK

Automated the allocation of trades to sub-accounts by asking Ian the IT intern to automate the allocation of trades to sub-accounts so I could go to the pub on time. (He got hired too)

SG Warburg.jpeg
Outward Bound Australia

The Wilderness, Australia

Logistical and Technical Support.

Snowies, Grampians, North Queensland. Learnt the true value of a shower.

OB Australia.jpeg
Extra Mural Centre
St Donat's Castle

Wales - UK
Summer 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 

Outdoor ed instructor for Disabled and Disadvantaged Youth from across the UK

St Donats.jpeg
Financed over $100 Million of end sales for Independent Amazon and Shopify E-Commerce sellers

USA / Canada


Banking-compliant front end that allows treasury teams to operate USD to USDC flows through while maintaining their own records.

Put Amazon Seller Inventory into NFTs to connect them to DeFi Yield Seekers

USA /Canada


Took 17,573 product lines from seven manufacturers, priced the inventory from historical sales records and then funded a million dollars of growth finance from DeFi capital / staking markets in under 60 days

Trialled funding Real World Assets through NFT backed smart contracts 

2021 Jan


Bought some handbags....


Took Inventory and historic sales data, verified it, calculated a discounted future sales value of each product, and locked the value onto the Ethereum blockchain. Issued Risk-Taker and Risk-Averse tokens to allow stable coin holders to finance reverse repurchase transactions by staking their DAI stable coin.

First US Pharma Verification Router Service Provider

Washington DC, USA
2018 Nov

Teamed with Accenture (we paid a $1, they built the platform to our design) and designed and built out the first operational VRS for US Pharma. Now connected to 98% of all US pharmaceutical manufacturers having been tested by SAP, Rfxcel, Tracelink, Cardinal Health and Mediledger among others the platform allows any authorized trading partner to scan any pharmaceutical in the United States and verify its unique production ID directly with its manaufacturer

US Pharma Drug Supply Chain Security Act

Washington DC, USA
2018 Jan

Invited by KPMG to present with SAP to the industry on how to implement unique identification verification for all Pharmaceutical sold in the US

US Government - Tracking

Washington DC, USA
Jan 2016

Tracked unqiuely labelled XXXX from Production, through Quality Control, to forward placed bases and onto end operators for YYYY.

Lead to technology being deemed suitable for use by the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, and JSF

Lane Crawford Joyce Group
Hong Kong, China SAR

Helped Jenn and Andrew restructure this 160-year-old bastion of Hong Kong Luxury Apparel.

Greened the Pacific Coffee Chain, Nude Skin Care, Lane Crawford and more
Hong Kong, China SAR
2004 - 2008

Started a company to supply environmentally sustainable and fully audited 'green' products to stores in Hong Kong and Beyond 

Systems Architect and Business owner - Bringing Electronic Trading to Asia for UBS
Hong Kong, China SAR

From zero to 80% of the Equities Flow. Managed relationships with all external funds (Fidelity, Capital Group, GSIC, etc), negotiated launch with each regional Stock Exchange,

UBS HK.jpeg
First Web Based Trade onto London Stock Exchange
London, UK

Explained what https was to Colin the Fund Manager as he used netscape to send a buy order of ICI shares via his web browser.

UBS London.jpeg
Class IV+ and V
White Water Rafting Guide

California - USA
1997, 1998, 1999

22 rivers, 3 of the greatest summers.

Tributary. Tunnel Chute2.jpg
Failed to learn Japanese

Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan

Spent three months in country confusing the Japanese with my terrible language skills

kyoto japan.jpeg
Atlantic College

Mountbatten Scholar

Chosen to represent UK at the United World College of the Atlantic

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