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Pharmaceutical Verified Returns and Beyond is the only turn-key,

production tested solution, and it's available today.

With, every party that participates in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals is connected through a fast, secure, scalable and cost-effective system that interfaces with existing systems and provides all services needed to verify, track and trace a product throughout its' lifecycle.

Save lives, fight counterfeits and conform to DSCSA  using the only full-service system available in the market.



Delivering the speeds needed by the Pharma Community now and into the future.


Structured Trust Pools

On Chain / Off Chain Processing

Asynchronous Communication


Permission-based connections, 

between known parties, to verified nodes

 with encrypted messaging. 


Controlled access

Encrypted Smart Contracts

Immutable Records

Stores your Data in your Dominion


Federated architecture allows zero marginal

cost internal Trust pool verifications.

SaaS service fees that suit your size of organization - from large to small


Our shared cloud starts as low as $10,000/month

Scale up only as much as you need

Use your own data to reduce fincancing costs


A SaaS-based system where you control your own data and who has access to it.

Drug Supply Chain Security Act 2013

The Distributed Ledger solution for Verified Returns

2% to 4% of the $446 Billion Pharmaceutical market is returned for resale.


The Drug Supply Chain Security Act mandates that, from November 2019, all returned product must be verified by its manufacturer before it is resold. address' this pressing need by creating 'Contents Based Hash' (CBH) structures (blockchains) for every item seen by a trusted group or Trust Pool. Every time an item is updated a new CBH is generated that includes the preceding hash for that item.  If a verification inquiry about that item is received from another trust pool, or an outside service, the response carries with it the last known CBH, thus locking down the trust pools historic record. Regulators can use the exchanged CBH codes to check records. Only the minimum, encrypted data is exchanged with trading partners. With verifications are off-chain, bi-lateral and protected from prying eyes.



2019 Verified Returns. ARE YOU READY?


Controlled Beta

Validation / Compliance

Support Interoperability - Risk Free Live Testing




























Community Release Train comes with its 'Lookup Directory' built in

The Lookup Directory is the telephone book of verification for Pharma. Once a labeled product is scanned, you use the Company, SKU and Expiry Date included in the 2D barcode to ‘Lookup’ the correct address to route a verification request.


Due to corporate actions, mergers, acquisition, and changes of ownership of a drug, the beneficial ownership of that drug may change many times over its lifetime. Packets of drugs are serial monogamists, they only ever have one beneficial owner, but, a line of drugs may have multiple responsible parties, depending on when it was produced, so the lookup directory has to know when the drug expires to work out who its beneficial owner was at the time of production.


In a master lookup directory is maintained by community services. Its records are locked down and it syncs with other lookup directory providers. Each trust pool in also maintains its own lookup directory to allow super fast referencing, these sync with the community master whenever there is an update to the records.


Message Routing all taken care of

Track and verify product within your own trust pool or the rest of the industry


All transactions in the world are bi-lateral. Connecting counterparty to counterparty comes as standard in our turnkey solution.  Verification (and tracking) responses are automated from a manufacturers private data set. Distributors can send Json or proprietary message formats to trigger a verification request. manages the destination, encrypts all communications, and records all the results and interactions. Users get to see successful, incomplete or suspect verifications.



Ready for Full Traceability can manage all tracking requests and their exceptions


The Drug Supply Chain Security Act mandates that, by November 27, 2023,  each serial number will link its saleable product unit to the selling and purchasing sources of the product in a secure, interoperable, electronic system. is that system.'s system architecture can handle any state assigned to a physical object which means its ready to support full traceability once the industry agrees on a set of interoperable terms and business rules.




Taking the community beyond Verified Returns



Full Track and Trace before 2023.


Smart contracts, the small pieces of code that can execute miniature programmes, are used by the DLT to make confidential inquiries about a product as it is verified. The advantage of the smart contract system is that these contracts can have increasing functionality added to them over-time and as usage of the DLT increases. The first change will be to allow multiple reads of the same item creating a chain of custody record that follows it through time and space/geolocation. This technology is well understood by the team, as it is already in place and in use for the tracking of FDA regulated Medical Devices which carry the same GS1 'GTIN+PI' identifiers as pharmaceuticals. This chain of custody allows for full track and trace of all items while protecting the identity and transaction volumes of both inquiring and responding parties. for Pharma; built for the future


Full track and trace of any pharmaceutical allow's:


  • Manufacturers to protect their consumers by allowing verification from source to consumption.  

  • Full controlled transparency of stock movements to allow network optimization.

  •  A correction in the allocation of value and risk within a supply chain.

  • Better application of financial management tools and products to lower risk for companies and shareholders.


Authentag looks forward to bringing these products to the Track.One for Pharma community through smart contracts. 




Legal Notice


There are many scams in the crypto-currency / token space, please check this website for any official details about tokens on for Pharma.


Tokens are not currently available for purchase for any form of investment or utility use on, the pharma blockchain or in Authentag LLC.


No other firm offering tokens for sale, based on providing services on DLT for Pharma, will have access to the specifications needed to connect to the DLT or construct secure contracts yet. You should be advised that this would make an investment in tokens offered by ANY other entity highly suspect.


Once the transfer of the DLT to the pharma community is complete, all members will be able to build, buy, or lease compliant nodes from any developer that can prove their solutions are secure, robust and compliant. Until this occurs please don't buy tokens from other entities claiming to be associated with, Pharma DLT or Authentag.


Authentag LLC, March 21st, 2018