Verification Router Service


The's verification router service allows safe and secure transmission of drug verification requests.  Check the product you scan was made by the manufacturer with the manufacturer.
Our VRS is available now.
Our VRS integrates seamlessly with your chosen data repository, protecting it from external parties while managing all verification calls and responses for you.
Coast to Coast Verifications in sub second times.
Cost Effective

Federated architecture allows zero marginal

cost internal Trust pool verifications.

SaaS service fees that suit your size of organization - from large to small

Use VRS with your own data repository / ERP or use ours.
Available now
We've been live and ready since October 2018 and are the gold standard within the industry.
The Drug Supply Chain Security Act requires that all manufacturers be able to verify every unique label they use in the production of pharmaceuticals for the US market.
Verification Router Service is an industry agreed solution for passing data about these labels electronically. The industry has spent several years agreeing the standards for verifications, so the entire industry can talk to each other seamlessly, improving drug security and patient outcomes.'s VRS is fully compliant to the industry standards, and as the first service available has made testing available to all industry participants as free community service.
HDA Standards
Verification Json Messaging Standards and industry best practice is a recognized VRS provider by the Healthcare Distributors Association. We are interoperable with all other VRS providers and support the HDA's current Json standard for requesting and responding to Verifications Requests
GS1 Standards
All EPCIS  and verification Json messaging standards accepted
EPCIS. In computer science, Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) is a global GS1 Standard for creating and sharing visibility event data, both within and across enterprises, to enable users to gain a shared view of physical or digital objects within a relevant business context
Your Standards
Connect direct from any 
Level 4 Serialization software or excel.
We're teamed with the world's leading consultancy firms. Their IT teams have been embedded with our Dev staff, giving them all the knowledge needed to compile data from your bespoke systems for entry into
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