DSCSA Compliance

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act requires all pharmaceutical product sold in the United States to be uniquely labelled* and verified if returned for resale**

Track.one is one of five full service providers and 10 total systems providers who have supported the electronic implementation of the DSCSA by creating an industry wide, interoperable network known as the Verification Router Service. (VRS)


* enforced since November 2018

** from November 2020.


US Pharmaceutical VRS

Verification Router Service.

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SME Cloud  

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Easy to use web interface.

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Private data pool ready to verify.


Perfect for lightweight DSCSA compliance

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$1,000,000 or more in returns a month?

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Request. Respond. Record. Lookup Directory. Routing. Record Keeping.


Plug in your warehouse management systems or use our Apps to scan returned products prior to resale. Track.one will Lookup the correct recipient, route the message, record the response and update your user. Connected to every Verifier to allow you to check any manufacturer's US products.



Our Lookup Directory is inbuilt to allow lightning fast addressing of messages.


Handle verification requests from any distributor on the VRS network.  As an Authorized Trading Partner with Track.one we will manage the global address book 'lookup Directory' listings for you. You can store your records and responses with us, or we can link directly with your Enterprise software as a message management layer, saving you from cross industry testing.


Our system connects to every other supplier of VRS.

We manage all these connections so you don't need to worry.


Integrate your Point-Of-Sales systems to instantly verify product. Keep a track of your responses. Protect your customers by checking directly with the manufacturer before the sale is completed. Add your warehouse management systems via API and provide extra levels of defense. Be ready for 2021 compliance now.



If you want to protect your core systems or just want to keep life simple, you can use Track.one's provided data storage and management.


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About Track.one

SaaS for Pharmaceutical Verifications, Tracking and Finance.


Work performed on the financial innovation behind Track.one/finance is, in part, supported by the National Science Foundation..