provides multiple testing services for Authorized Trading Partners

on the VRS network.

Connect to all established VRS providers and attain the confidence you need in your own verification systems.

VRS Quality Assurance:

Industry-Wide Testing

Data & testing

for all VRS providers 

Covers all 42

Test Scenarios

See each VRS Suppliers Performance

Viewer or Active Participant Accounts available

VRS Live Services:

Industry-Wide Checks

Heart Beat tests:

Know your system is up

Response Tests:

Confirm Error Messaging

Spot Check tests:

Test active and Recalled GTINs

Keep Immutable Logs:

Prove you conformed



Data & testing

for all VRS providers 

Are You

Volume Ready?

Can your VRS supplier

support your needs?

Verify Product at scale and reduce your financing costs

Implementation Guideline Applying the GS1 Lightweight Messaging Standard for DSCSA Verification of Returned Product Identifiers - Release 1.1, March 31 2020