• Stuart Corby

Track.one VRS, LD, Messaging TurnKey solution opens for Beta

October 17th 2018

Centre For Supply Chain Studies
Track.one Blockchain SaaS for Pharma VRS

Track.one announced the launch of the first turn key, Verification, Lookup Directory and messaging service for Verified Returns and Beyond today at the HDA conference in Washington DC.

Stirring interest from the largest names in pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution Track.one's live demonstration platform, with sub 0.5 second verification returns, was operating through out the conference. EPCIS 1.2 compatible for Manufacturers and Distributors and Json Verification request ready, the Track.one Trust Pool Technology TPT demonstrated the future of pharmaceutical traceability and blockchain that is scalable and ready for use in the demanding world of logistic and inventory management.

The only technology that protects each parties information, storing it within their own preferred corporate cloud, TPT only shares information between counter-parties, keeping all transactions confidential and controlled