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Repository, Lookup Directory,

VRS and Response Storage

Maintain your competitive advantage by implementing beyond DSCSA 2020 now.  Leverage for verifications and traceability to connect across all your trading partners. 

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Ready to Respond Results Trustpool Technology users look to save millions of dollars each year through a better understanding of their inventory eco-system.  Improved visibility of items as they move toward end use, allows stronger stock control, better expiration management and dramatically reduces incorrectly returned stock.

Save millions of dollars annually through inventory optimization

Invite All Trading Partners

Invite your partners to join using our lightweight web consoles with secure user access control. Connect within and across the industry's platforms using our VRS  - all included!

Easy To Use Interface uses Material Design from Google, so your team can get straight to work with an interface that is familiar and trusted by millions.  Bespoke views, extracts and reports are can all be generated without changes to the core data infrastructure because we use the same, scalable interface solutions as Facebook and other large scale systems. 

How Supports Your Verifications


Operating as a turnkey solution for manufacturers and your supply chain partners, protects your transaction data by storing it in your own private repository on our cloud, or within your corporate domain with your preferred cloud provider.


Secure Private Data






Access to your data is controlled through a dedicated Lookup Directory that identifies and authorizes third parties who require verifications and represents your product GTINS to the world.

GS1 Compliant

HDA Compliant


Global Connectivity





Messaging is encrypted and secure. Within you can manage and send aggregation data to your trading partners. For external systems, we support the current industry standards.

GS1 Compliant

HDA Compliant


Global Connectivity



All changes of status of your inventory, verification requests and responses are recorded in an immutable ledger for regulatory compliance.

Audit Ready





Within you can invite your trading partners to join your data pool, control what information they see and implement full traceability - right now!

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