Data Cloud is designed to make it easy for SME Manufacturers to join the electronic verification router service.

Verification Router Service (VRS)

The's verification router service allows safe and secure transmission of drug verification requests.  Checking the production data directly the manufacturer.

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act requires that all manufacturers be able to verify every unique label they use in the production of pharmaceuticals for the US market.


Verification Router Service is an industry agreed solution for passing data about these labels electronically. The industry has spent several years agreeing on the standards for verifications, so the entire industry can talk to each other seamlessly, improving drug security and patient outcomes.'s VRS is fully compliant to the industry standards, and as the first service available has made testing available to all industry participants as a free community service.

Network Hub and Cable

Fully Connected

As a member of the HDA working group for Electronic Pharmaceutical Product Verification we are connected to every serialization service provider, and their end customers, in the US pharmaceutical industry.




  • Verify against all VRS suppliers

  • Utilize's user friendly website

  • Easy Data Integration

    • API​

    • Upload direct from Excel

    • Transfer via EPCIS

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Easy To Use Interface uses Material Design from Google, so your team can get straight to work with an interface that is familiar and trusted by millions.  Bespoke views, extracts and reports are can all be generated without changes to the core data infrastructure because we use the same, scalable interface solutions as Facebook and other large scale systems. 

Security at its core

User Tokenization and login control for is through Auth0 meaning you get

ISO27001, ISO27018, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA BAA, EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, Gold CSA STAR certification for all your login data security.

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