Online Seller
Service performs analysis on your historic sales and current inventory for you.

You control who receives your reports;

  • Insurance,

  • Third-party financing, 

  • Your investors.

How it works

Amazon and other online sellers grant access to their online sales, 3PL and logistics platforms.'s data engine assess' their historic sales records, sellers and storage fees. 


The system offers a high-level report on the health and distribution of the sellers SKU's. It then runs real-time analysis on current inventory levels in order to assess the saleable value of product held at any moment in time.

Three important points for you to note:

i. As per Amazon's requirements, we don't share or release any of your data to anyone outside of without your authorization.


ii. We will delete any data we collect from you at your request.


iii. You can remove our access to your Amazon Accounts at any time.


Inviting  to your Amazon Seller accounts signifies acceptance of these terms and our general terms and conditions.


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